Resolution to re-instate crew

Included in the agenda for the June 27 Newburgh School District BOE meeting is this item:

Resolution to Re-instate the Boys & Girls Varsity Crew Teams for the 2012-2013 School Year Contingent Upon Funding Through Earmarked Grants from Foundations and Contributors to be Paid to the District to Meet the Necessary Budgetary Appropriation of Funding Said Program.

Newburgh School District BOE Workshop June 19, 2012

There was a Newburgh School District BOE workshop meeting on Tuesday, June 19. At this meeting resolutions that are to be voted at the next Board of Education meeting (Wednesday June 27) were presented to the board and discussed.

Video of the meeting is available here.

About 60 people attended the meeting. It opened with acknowledgement of retirees. Also acknowledged were the achievements of the High School Math Team, All County Music Festival participants (elementary, junior high, senior high, and jazz), the Electronic Keyboard Ensemble, and the NFA Wind Ensemble (which did very well at NYSMA).

There was only one bidder for K-8 alterations at GAMS. video. It seems like the cost for this work is for on the order of $2.6 million. The School District attorney, Shaw, asked a question about fair consideration and whether the work should be rebid.

Among the Student Intervention and Support Services items was the contracting out of Medicaid billing. video. There were a few questions from board members about this. Then Superintendent of Schools Pizzo said "..during our budget meetings we've had people stand up at the microphone and say that we don't know what we're doing, we don't know how to bill; and that there's millions of dollars out there; and if we knew how to collect it we wouldn't have to make cuts. Well that's not the case. It's not true. The rules have changed two years ago. The money is substantially different for every school district in the state. The money that we have received for medicaid the past two years since the rules have changed is commiserate with every other school district in the state. We're larger than Poughkeepsie, we get more than them. We're larger than Middletown, we get more than them. Ratio-wise every school district in the state has been affected by the rule change. I just wanted to make that very clear. It's too bad that we didn't have everybody here that we did at the budget meetings. However, some of those people are here, and they do hear what I'm saying. Thank you." [At this point, there were about nine people in the audience.]

Among the HR items, the resolutions passed at the May board meeting to abolish positions were modified. Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Leimer explained "...since we took action at the May meeting to abolish and layoff, we've had subsequent retirements and resignations. So some individuals don't have to be layed off. So this is revising that action." video. [Given how the resolutions were stated, it's likely that four pedagogical and one non-pedagogical layoffs were avoided.]

Also among the HR items, was a memorandum of agreement with the CSEA. This was about a Wednesday to Sunday work schedule for certain maintenance employees.

At about 8:10PM the Board went to executive session. The only reason provided to the public was "to discuss the employment history of particular individuals."

The next BOE meeting is Wednesday June 27, 7PM.

June 2012 Half Days Again

Obscurely linked on the district home page is a June 5, 2012 letter to Parent(s)/Guardian(s) from Superintendent of Schools Pizzo announcing that elementary schools will be dismissing early Tuesday June 19 through through Thursday 21. Also, Friday June 22 is the one hour report card pick-up day. The letter says "The Newburgh Enlarged City School District will be conducting half-day professional development activites for its elementary school staff" on those days.

This calendar change is an annual event for the Newburgh school district. Last year the school board voted for the calendar change at the May 31, 2011 meeting. The year before that the change was announced June 10, 2010 (warning, lively comments on that old post).

Field tests in Newburgh School District

According to field test information from NYSED several Newburgh Schools participated in field tests this June:

Balmville School Grade 4 ELA
Heritage Middle School Grade 8 ELA
Fostertown Etc Magnet School Grade 4 ELA, Grade 5 ELA
Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet School Grade 4 ELA, Grade 5 ELA
Gams High Tech Magnet School Grade 3 ELA
Horizon-on-the-hudson Magnet School Grade 4 Science
New Windsor School Grade 3 Math
Vails Gate High Tech Magnet School Grade 4 ELA, Grade 5 ELA
South Middle School Grade 8 Math
Temple Hill School Grade 3 ELA
Meadow Hill Global Explorations Magnet School Grade 6 ELA
Bishop Dunn Memorial School Grade 4 ELA
Nora Cronin Presentation Academy Grade 6 Math
Sacred Heart School Grade 6 ELA

And NFA Main Campus was "Strand 1": Comprehensive English, Physics, and Algebra2/Trigonometry.

The purpose of the field tests is to test the validity of tests. They don't count for anything as far as individual students are concerned.

In New York City, there were protests and boycott efforts around this additional testing.

Newburgh BOE Meeting May 30, 2012

The May regular BOE meeting was on Wednesday at the Newburgh Free Library auditorium. There was an audience of around 24, which dwindled to about 14 after a few awards and recognition of a teacher who achieved National Board Certification. A few agenda items inspired comments by board members. Board Member Prokosch asked that resolutions approving new agreements with CSArch be discussed in executive session; Board Member Lawson asked what types of events would be a part of Parent and Family involvement month (October 2012); and Board Member Lewis complained about the insufficiency of "home teaching" and the hiring of certain professional staff.

During the public comment time Grace Bowles complained about leadership, hiring practices, and cultural awareness. Art Plichta spoke as well. He said that student use of cell phones and electronic devices at the high school is a problem that needs attention.

After a couple of hour executive session the resolutions regarding CSArch, "professional appointments", and home teaching appointments were all passed.

Click through for May BOE meeting notes.

Video will be available soon.

Newburgh School District BOE Workshop May 22, 2012

There was a Newburgh School District BOE workshop meeting on Tuesday, May 22. At this meeting resolutions that are to be voted at the next Board of Education meeting (Wednesday May 30) were presented to the board and discussed.

Click through for a few notes from the May 2012 BOE workshop.

May 17 Finance Committee meeting

There was a Newburgh School District Finance committee meeting scheduled for Thursday May 17 at 5:30 PM. The meeting was cancelled but the public was not notified. The district Google calendar and meetings page still list this non-event.

The Board of Education should post an accurate schedule of when and where public meetings will occur. They still do not do that.

May 16 Canvass and Special Meetings

On May 16 the Newburgh School District BOE met at 6:30PM to approve the canvass of votes. Here is a copy of the results that were approved. This tally includes absentee ballots and lists the names of write-in candidates. Board President Fucheck mentioned that the non-incumbent candidate with the most votes, Mr. Lawson, would be sworn in early, to fill the vacancy left by Board Member Giudice's resignation. That may happen at the May regular BOE meeting.

The Canvass of Votes was followed by a Special Meeting at 6:45 PM. At that meeting two employees (presumably tenured teachers) were suspended pending "3020A" proceedings--one with pay, one without. Video of the very short public parts of the meeting is available.

May 2012 vote results

The Newburgh School District Budget passes: 1709 yes; 788 no.
BOE members to be: Lawson 1322; Howard 1153; Resch 1138.
Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all of the candidates who ran.

School District Election Day 2012

Please do vote today. Remember you can vote yes, no, or not vote on two budget proposals: the Newburgh School District budget (228.5M) and the Newburgh Free Library budget (4M). You can also vote for 0, 1, 2, or 3 of the eight BOE candidates running, or you can write in candidates. The polls are open until 9 PM.

A preliminary vote count is likely to be available soon after the polls close. I'll post results to twitter and here.

Comment on the Budget

I've quoted this before. These sentences are very careful and precise. I feel they are very relevant the the Newburgh School District.

Because more than 70 percent of households do not have children in public school, the school district needs to communicate its vision and student achievement goals very clearly to taxpayers and the community as a whole to ensure their support. Without this information, the public's perspective and support can be skewed by the anecdotes and advocacy of others who themselves may not have the entire picture. By contrast, comprehensive information from the school district is likely both to increase support for school budgets and to improve the chances of attracting the involvement of businesses and others in school activities.

from Raising the Bar: A School Board Primer on Student Achievement by Bracey and Resnick.

Administrator Salary Disclosure 2012-2013

Administrator Salary Data is available as a large Excel spreadsheets from the State Ed Management Services web page. This is an extract of the data for Newburgh for 2012-2013. This is not necessarily real salary information it is an estimate that was sent to NYSED in May 2012.

2012-2013 Administrator Compensation Information for the Newburgh City Enlarged School District

Title Salary Benefits
Superintendent of Schools 175,000 51,828
Asst Superintendent - Finance 172,887 48,318
Asst Superintendent - Human Resources 165,379 38,266
High Schol Principal 155,000  
Asst Superintendent - Student Support Services 154,987 47,650
Executive Director - Human Resources 154,360  
Asst Superintendent - Curriculum & Instruction 151,669 37,350
Elementary Principal 151,050  
Executive Director - Facilities & Operations 142,714  
Executive Director - Inst. Technology 141,519  
Elementary Principal 140,883  
Elementary Principal 140,883  
Vice Principal 140,818  
Vice Principal 138,526  
Assistant Principal 137,051  
Assistant Principal 137,051  
Middle School Principal 136,712  
Middle School Principal 136,712  
Elementary Principal 136,433  
Elementary Principal 136,433  
Elementary Principal 135,714  
Director - Fine, Performing & Visual Arts 135,449  
Director - Special Education 135,449  
Director - Rti 135,449  
Assistant Principal 133,923  
Assistant Principal 132,499  
Assistant Principal 132,499  
Executive Director - Curriculum & Inst 131,950  
Elementary Principal 131,329  
Assistant Principal 130,999  
Assistant Principal 130,999  
Elementary Principal 128,972  
Elementary Principal 128,146  
Director - Careers And Tech Education 127,818  
Assistant Principal 127,818  
Assistant Principal 127,818  
Assistant Principal 127,395  
Assistant Principal 124,369  

Administrator Salary Disclosure 2011-2012

I never posted a plain text version of the Newburgh School District administrator salary disclosure data from May 2011. So here it is. Remember this isn't real salary info, it was an estimate sent to NYSED in May 2011.

2011-2012 Administrator Compensation Information for the Newburgh City Enlarged School District

Title Salary Benefits
Superintendent of Schools 188,027 50,934
High School Principal 177,887  
Asst Supt For Finance 163,333 47,506
Asst Supt For Human Resources 154,223 36,956
Asst Supt For Student Support Services 152,697 46,030
Elementary Principal 151,050  
Executive Director - Human Resources 144,806  
Asst Supt For Curriculum & Instruction 144,428 36,345
Elementary Principal 140,883  
Elementary Principal 140,883  
Executive Director - Facilities & Operations 140,630  
Executive Director - Instructional Technology 139,428  
Director Of Bi-Lingual Education 137,051  
Assistant Principal 137,051  
Elementary Principal 136,433  
Elementary Principal 135,714  
Director Of Math 135,525  
Assistant Principal 135,525  
Director - Performing, Fine & Visual Arts 135,449  
Vice Principal 134,705  
Vice Principal 134,288  
Assistant Principal 133,923  
Director - Special Education 133,923  
Elementary Principal 132,829  
Assistant Principal 132,499  
Assistant Principal 132,268  
Elementary Principal 131,329  
Director - Reading/Eng Lang Arts 130,999  
Assistant Principal 130,999  
Director - Science 130,973  
Executive Director - Curriculum & Instruction 130,000  
Executive Director - Special Education 130,000  
Middle School Principal 129,066  
Middle School Principal 129,066  
Assistant Principal 127,395  
Assistant Principal 127,395  
Director - Career & Tech Education 125,895  
Elementary Principal 125,151  
Elementary Principal 124,587  
Assistant Principal 124,369  
Assistant Principal 124,257  
Assistant Principal 124,257  
Director - Rti Special Ed Data Assessment 124,214  
Assistant Principal 122,714  
Director - Social Studies 122,714  
Assistant Principal 122,714  

Meeet the candidates May 10

There was an NAACP sponsored Meet the Candidates event last night at 131 Broadway. Seven of the eight candidates attended.

Here is video of the event.

It was very good for the NAACP to organize this event and for the candidates to make themselves available. There is to be a second Meet the Candidates at the Newburgh Town Hall on Route 300 tonight from 7-9 p.m.

BOE Candidate events

I have heard via Facebook that there is a "meet the candidates" event tonight. I received this May 9, so presumably this event is today. Can someone confirm the time/date/location of this?

The Newburgh Ministry is hosting a Meet the Candidates night tomorrow from 6 - 8 at 131 Broadway, Newburgh, NY. Not sure exactly who is signed on to appear but we believe 6 of the 8 candidates will be there -- Motley, Martinez, Resch, Vessely, Lawson and Howard.

In addition, in the May 9 Mid Hudson Times, Jessica McAleese mentions an event to be held on Friday:

The Newburgh/Highland Falls branch of the NAACP will be hosting a Candidate's Night Forum on Friday, May 11 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Newburgh Town Hall.

2012 Public hearing on budget video available

The public hearing on the 2012-2013 Newburgh School District Budget was on Tuesday May 1. Video of the hearing is available here.

The Board of Education is required by law to do certain things at this public hearing. Among the requirements:

The budget must be written in plain language. Categories of revenues, expenditures and fund balance information, as well as comparison data from the prior year's budget must be set forth in such a manner as to best promote comprehension and readability.

Boards of education must attach to the proposed budget the salaries, benefits and any in-kind or other form of compensation of the superintendent, assistant or associate superintendent and any administrator who will earn over $118,000 in the upcoming year.

Please be aware that the "Full Budget Report" has been revised. At the official budget info webpage it says:

At the public hearing of the budget held May 1, 2012, there were many speakers pointing out that the supplies lines for athletics were not reduced as originally approved by the Board of Education. Following the meeting, an in depth analysis of all the BOE approved changes to the budget was conducted to ensure that all the appropriate lines were adjusted as proved. This analysis showed that not only were the athletic supply lines not changed, but several other supply lines for Science, Social Studies, Math, ESL and Bilingual were also not changed. The reductions instead were charged against the health insurance budget. This error has been since corrected and the revised budget line is now posted to this site. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Here's a link to the revised report and a link to the old one. It looks like the Medical Insurance line increased by around $49K.

BOE Candidates

The election of three BOE members and vote on the budget is May 15, 2012. Here are the candidates for Newburgh School District Board of Education:

  • Philip F. Howard
  • David K. Kenan
  • Edward Lawson
  • Lissette Martinez
  • Aric C. Meyer
  • Eric Motley
  • Pamela R. Resch
  • Nathan F. Vesely

Here's an article about Howard, Kenan, and Lawson.
There's a facebook page for Motley, Meyer, and Martinez.

2012-2013 Budget document

The 2012-2013 account line budget document is available on the NECSD website. It's on the 2012-2013 budget information page. It's the link labeled 2012-2013 Full Budget Presentaion Report.

Here are the account lines which will increase more than 100k.

Budget acct Desc 12-13 proposed 11-12 adopted $ change % change
1621-16-26-26 Grounds Salaries 1,217,396 1,052,454 164,942 15.67%
2020-150-26-26 Principals Salaries 4,712,021 4,350,734 361,287 8.3%
2110-120-26-26 Teacher Salaries 1-6 31,730,756 29,653,529 2,077,227 7.00%
2110-130-26-26 Teacher Salaries 7-12 28,247,514 27,436,331 811,183 2.96%
2250-151-26-26 Special Ed Teacher Salari 10,585,473 10,373,051 212,422 2.05%
9010-800-04-99 State Employee Retirement 3,249,187 1,864,862 1,384,325 74.23%
9020-800-04-99 Teacher Retirement 11,445,531 8,902,961 2,542,570 28.56%
9060-800-04-99 Medical Insurance 32,820,640 27,847,899 4,972,741 17.86%
9089-801-04-99 District Retirement-TRS 1,092,208 712,430 379,778 53.31%
9901-950-04-99 Transfers To Special Aid 1,879,561 1,405,095 474,466 33.77%
9901-960-04-99 Transfer To Debt Service 10,266,820 6,900,000 3,366,820 48.79%

The "Public Hearing on the Budget" is Tuesday May 1 at 7PM at the Newburgh Free Library auditorium. The NECSD BOE does not provide information about what occurs at a "Public Hearing on the Budget". However in past years, there has been a brief presentation followed by an opportunity for the public to ask questions. Unlike regular meetings, the questions are often answered.

Newburgh BOE Meeting April 24, 2012

The April regular BOE meeting was on Tuesday at the NFA main campus auditorium. There was an audience of around 55. The agenda items were covered routinely. There were a half dozen or so public comments on specific budget cuts: Crew Team, Social Workers, and the Science Specialist reduction.

Click through for a few notes from the April BOE meeting.

Click here for Video of the April 24, 2012 NECSD BOE meeting.